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     Welcome to Osgood Historical Reproductions. One thing that has always been of interest to me was the clothing and equipment of the american civil war. Throughout the years I have reenacted, I have went through many uniforms and gear trying to find what I found to look better, and be more correct. It wasnt untill about 6 years ago when I decided to form Osgood Historical Reproductions, that I started to make reproductions copied from originals, and made from the best materials and patterns available. Since then I have drafted my own patterns to reflect what I have seen in the originals, offering a wide array of various uniforms and equipment. Check back often as the web site is going through many updates, with new gear, photos and various offerings. Thanks to all my customers in the past, who have purchased garments from me!.

 Casey Osgood      


  Welcome to Osgood Historical Clothiers.  We pride ourselves in reproducing the most authentic and accurate garments and goods!  You will not be disappointed when you receive an item from us!  If you have any thoughts on our Products please send your comments here!


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Casey Osgood, NYS residents add 8% sales tax
196 Terrace St

Wellsburg, NY 14894


Delivery time 10-12 weeks

Exchanges or Returns 
  • All merchandise comes with a 4-day inspection period.
  • All sales are final on clothing items with one exchange allowed.
    • Absolutely no alterations made on any clothing being returned.
    • Buyer pays shipping costs on all returned items.
    • Items may only be returned for Credit
  • No refunds on custom orders.
  • Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.
    We are a small business there for items may only be returned for Credit, sorry no refunds.  If you want something that we have in stock we will hold it for 7 days, after 7 days it goes back into stock.