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Federal Trousers

 List of Federal Trousers we provide

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Federal Trousers

In 1861 the federal govt. decided to make trousers from Sky blue cloth as opposed to the once favored Dark Blue Kersey, while dark Blue trousers exist, The number of surviving sky blue kersey trousers outnumber the number of Dark Blue Kersey trousers.  I make 2 types of trousers, 1 Being Schuylkill Arsenal trousers and the other being JT Martin contract trousers.  Most original SA trousers have fly facings of cotton drill while the contract trousers seem to use brown polished cotton. The biggest differences in these trousers is the Varying amounts of hand sewing and the shape's of the Yokes, while SA trousers have a small triangle shaped yoke the Contract trousers feature a unique Kite shaped yoke. 

Federal Schuylkill Arsenal Trousers:


Copied from an Original Pair in the Gettysburg NMP Collection and originals in the West Point collection
The Schuylkill Arsenal was probably one of the largest producers of trousers during the ACW. The originals were completely handsewn with Brown Thread (possibly Logwood) and had tin paper backed buttons

- SA trousers, These trousers are made from a 21 oz. Sky blue Kersey as per originals. These trousers have all visible stitching handsewn w/ logwood dyed thread per originals.  Trousers come with SA and Sizes stamps. 

Sizes 32-48, sizes 40-42 add $10 to the price. 

SA trousers- $175 ppd
SA Mounted Trousers-
$215 ppd

JT Martin contract trousers:

- Copied from an original pair in the Fort Lee Quartermaster museum. J.T. Martin NY or Cinn. Depot trousers, John T. Martin held several contracts from 1862-1863 numbering 785,000 pair of infantry trousers.  These trousers feature a kite shaped yoke and have no eyelets at the back waistband.  These trousers are machine and handsewn as per originals and feature the correct Makers and sizing stamps per originals. 

Sizes 32-42, sizes 40-42 add $10 to the price.

Machine and handsewn per originals - $155 ppd

William Deering contract Trousers:
Copied from an original Pair in the West Point Museum. William Deering contracted 55,000 pair of trousers between 1861-1865, good for eastern or western theaters. Machine and handsewn per originals marked with the William Deering contract stamp and Cinci or NY depot inspectors Stamp.  $155 PPD
Howard F. Harkness contract Trousers:
Copied from an original Pair in the West Point Museum. Howard F. Harkness had a large contract Oct.10th 1864, for 120,000 pair of infantry trousers.   These trousers are Machine and handsewn per originals and feature a trapazoidal yoke as per the originals. Trousers can be marked with either a NY inspector or Cinci inspector stamp.   $155 PPD