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Issue Shirts

 List of shirts we produce

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Federal Issue Shirts:

It is known that a soldier received 3 issue shirts per year from the federal govt.  Millions of these shirts were produced and issued throughout the war, making them the most common shirt seen on federal soldiers.  The Shirts we produce are copied from an original which is marked A.S. Saroni NY.  Federal Issue Shirts were made from an Off White or Grey Domet Flannel ( wool weft on a cotton warp).  These shirts were completely handsewn ( with the stitching on originals being rather large and crude, these were not a pretty garment) and Issued in 1 size approx 44" chest. Each shirt had 3 tin buttons, 1 at each cuff and one at the collar.  The shirts had slit front openings, triangular gussets at the sleeves and a single faced cuff. 

$120 Paid Postage issue size up to a 44" chest, non regulation sizes add $10.  All Handsewn $150 ppd.