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Canteen Cover

- Many

E-mail for availability

$12.00 ppd

Federal Issue Haversacks

- 2

copied from original in Gettysburg NMP

$75.00 ppd

Federal Contract Sack Coat

42" chest 1

Lined contract sack coat

$155.00 ppd

"JT Martin contract trousers"

36 1

Click Here for Info

$155.00 ppd

Cincinnati Depot Shelter Half

- 1

Copied from an original used by a member of the 20th Conn,
All Handsewn

$115.00 ppd

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Make money orders out to:Casey Osgood NYS residents must add 8% sales tax  


Delivery time 10-12 weeks

Exchanges or Returns 
    We are a small business there for items may only be returned for Credit, sorry no refunds.  If you want something that we have in stock we will hold it for 7 days, after 7 days it goes back into stock.