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Federal Haversacks

 List of our Federal Haversacks

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Federal Haversacks

Potter Contract Haversack: 

Mid War Federal "tarred"Potter Contract Philadelphia Depot haversack. Copied from an original in a private collection. Bag is completely hand sewn, 44" machine sewn strap (per original) and leather riveted strap w/ Potter Contract stamp. Potter was one of the largest contractors for haversacks up untill 1864. This haversack is good for the 1862-1864 time frame. 

Potter contract Haversack- $75 ppd

 South Mountain Haversack (Early War):

Copied from an original in a private collection and another in the West Point collection.  Features a 1 piece bag partially machine and hand sewn per original.  Machine sewn 40" strap, leather tab hand sewn on.  Inner bag held in by three tin buttons. 

SM Haversack- $75 ppd

45th PVI Haversack:

Copied from an original in a private collection.  Features an all hand sewn bag, machine sewn 44" strap, hand sewn leather strap.  Inner bag held in by 3 tin paper backed buttons.

45th PVI Haversack - $75 ppd