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Federal Blouse's

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Federal Contract Blouse:

Lined and unlined available. These coats are totally sewn in Dark blue thread w/ exceptions to the buttonholes and sleeve linings.

Federal Fatigue Blouses-  The federal fatigue blouse is probably the most comfortable outer garment used during the civil war. While most Fatigue Blouses are seen on the enlisted men and NCOs, some officers purchased these for field wear.  We have chosen to make a couple variations of fatigue blouses.  Even though all blouses were made off of one government pattern, Each blouse differs slightly from the other in construction.  In order to save material some contractors implied some different techniques into each blouse, However these are not pattern changes.  Fatigue Blouses were made from a Indigo Dyed wool flannel of about 14 oz with a 2/2 diagonal twill weave.  Blouses were made lined and unlined with the lined being more common.  Original blouses show many variations in lining material from Linsey Woolsey, wool flannel, cotton jean to even checked wool/cotton materials.  These are just some of the linings you can expect to see in our fatigue blouses. 

Contract Lined Blouse-

Seth Prior

Copied from an unmarked original in the West Point collection.  The Blouse has a 4 piece body, 2 piece sleeves, shallow cuff facings and vent.  All machine sewn except buttonholes, sewn in logwood thread as per the original.  $155 ppd


JT Martin Contract sack coat-


The Original was lined with a brown checked wool/cotton. I am unable to find a suitable replacement, so I use a tan and white checked wool flannel for the lining. This repro features all the little things found on the original sack coat such as narrow cuff facings, rounded collar and is machine and handsewn per the original.  $155 ppd

Lined Schuylkill Arsenal Blouse-

Andrew Griggs, SA sack coat

Copied from an original in the Smithsonian.  This blouse has a 2 piece body and 1 piece sleeves and a squared collar.  Lined in a tan wool flannel and has all visible stitching handsewn and a SA stamp in the sleeves.  Coat is sewn with logwood dyed thread.  $175 PPD, unlined $200ppd